“They say” it takes 21 days to form a new habit. A habit like committing to an exercise program, or eating more healthfully. Today is the 21st day of 2009, and many who began the new year with a list of new habits to form didn’t quite make it this far.

“They say” that at the top of most people’s resolution list is “lose weight.” That’s right. Even higher than “quit smoking.” I suppose that’s because most people who want to quit smoking have already done so, or died… But losing weight, and then maintaining the weight loss, is a perpetual challenge for the majority of Americans.

“They say” diets don’t work. If a person goes ON a diet, then sooner or later the person will go OFF the diet. And when a person goes OFF a diet, most feel they can go right back to eating anything and everything they want to. A diet, per se, is temporary.

A food plan, however, is forever. To eat in order to fuel one’s body with nourishment honors the body temple. To overeat is abuse. That may seem like a simplification, but it’s really that easy. A food plan for life is the ultimate goal. Fuel your perfect size, and no more. Eat today as you will eat for life at your goal weight, day in and day out.

The alternative is to diet. And the first syllable of diet is….