A few days ago I had no idea I’d be writing a blog. None. Never even entered my head. Not even for a nano-second. Other than the vague knowledge that “blog” is a combination word stemming from “web log,” it had never crossed my mind that this medium could fill a void I’ve been feeling for several years.

In a past life, I wrote a “humorous personal experience newspaper column” twice a month for over 10 years, and I miss communicating with the public at large. And what could be larger than the whole world wide web?

Common wisdom tells us that a story starts at the beginning. But Jack Hart, former writing coach for The Oregonian, taught me that a good feature article begins in media res… in the middle of the action. And so it shall be with this blog.

I recently “retired” after 30 years of public school teaching (I prefer to say I am “no longer in the institution”) and quickly pulled on a multitude of other hats which had been eagerly waiting for me to have “more time.” What a laugh! I was never so busy when I had a “full-time job.”

Today I enjoy “working” as a life coach, Law of Attraction workshop facilitator, writer, editor, writing coach, and playwright. For fun, I do all the preceding, plus travel, read, and belly dance. And today I’m adding blogging to my list…

Welcome to my world.