There’s an epidemic striking a lot of adults these days, and it’s hard not to get sucked right into it, despite our best intentions. Life happens. And sometimes the events in our lives are less than desirable.

But we don’t have to wallow in the negativity. As I said in yesterday’s post, we have the option of reframing the experience; we can choose to maintain a positive outlook.

With rare exception, I don’t watch television newscasts. The news is full of death and destruction and there’s nothing I can do about what’s happened. Why risk bringing down my vibration by tuning in and absorbing the low vibes of a tragic event? Remember, what we observe, read, worry about, or obsess over becomes part of our own frequency.

This week I challenged my current Law of Attraction Workshop group to do three things:

1) Go a whole day without complaining. A whole day. As in 24 continuous hours. And that includes not validating anyone else’s complaints. When you change your words, you will automatically change your outlook. (You will also become painfully aware of those people in your life who spend a great deal of time complaining.)

2) Be a complaint converter. Turn someone else’s complaint around. If they say they are late because the traffic was awful, tell them you realize their time is valuable and will make the trip worthwhile. They will feel you have heard them, but you have not fueled further negativity by agreeing with them and thereby validating their complaint.

3) Be a complaint blocker. When situations arise that would normally inspire others to complain, you can quickly step in to block the negativity by poking fun at the problem or diverting their attention to something more pleasant.

It takes practice, but when we all strive for these three ideals, the world view will be lifted right along with each individual. It’s a done deal.