Tacked to the wall near my computer is a horoscope written by Michael Burgess, which I clipped from Astoria’s Hipfish Magazine:

“A good time to say ‘yes’ to adventure. Take yourself and your work to places they’ve never been. Meet at least one new person every week, try to listen as much as you talk, gather information. Deal with your hell bent urge to control. One needn’t always paddle upstream. Seek paths of least resistance, treat strangers as messengers from your karma. Lighten your load.”

Excellent advice, start to finish, absolutely excellent. Pegs me exactly.

And it also pegs every other human being I’ve ever met, regardless of their astrological sign. And that’s the point, isn’t it? Were’ all alike, every one of us. Day in, day out, generic words of wisdom can encourage and guide us, but we must choose to take action.

I took the magazine clipping down from the wall and unfolded it to check the date. Hhhmmm… This one was from the August/September edition…. 2007Oops! Well, it’s a good thing it’s never too late to begin today!