It wasn’t my fault. No way was it my fault. When I left the keyboard to go run some errands, everything was copasetic. When I returned, I had no Internet service. I had three out of four green lights on my modem, but 75% just doesn’t cut it.

I turned off the modem and the computer and started from scratch. Now I got a red and orangy-red flashing light on the power indicator, and the Ethernet was green, but the DSL was flicking inconsistently and still nothing at all appeared on the Internet light.

I know my limitations; time to call the support service people. And they were wonderful, taking me through all kinds of processes and helping me navigate the confusing world of technology. But the bottom line didn’t change, not even after an attempt to reset the whole kit and kaboodle.

The diagnosis: The modem was fried, and a new one must be purchased and shipped.

Of course this happened on a Thursday afternoon. A Thursday afternoon proceeding a three-day weekend, no less. Which meant I was SOL… “Sorry, Out of Luck”… for any kind of return to normalcy in my communications world for many days.

AAAAaaaarrrrgggghhhhh! What would I do without my blessed email for five whole days? I felt panic rising inside me. I called a friend (who obviously did not understand the gravity of the situation). She thought a moment, then said, “Seems like a good opportunity for you to practice patience, doesn’t it?”

I metaphorically gnashed my teeth and tore at my hair. I took a few deep breaths. She was right, of course. I needed to accept the things I cannot change. I had done what I could do. Now all I had to do was wait for the new modem to arrive. I acknowledge that waiting is not my strongest suit, but time passes, and in a few days I was back online and the world had not stopped spinning.

Practicing patience. What a novel concept!