Ok, it was actually a highway rest stop; I remember there were restrooms there. But the point is, there we were, EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, stretching our legs and enjoying a few moments in the sunshine, when suddenly, it struck me to dance.

Well, yes, there was music. Of course there was music! I’m not totally nuts. Someone pulled into the rest stop with a car radio blaring away and dancing suddenly became one of those overwhelming urges that cannot be ignored.

As it turned out, my companion actually could have ignored it. When I spontaneously put my arms around him, swung him around, and started movin’ to the groove, he quickly pulled away. Hey! What’s THAT about??

Turns out there are still some people who care what others may think. People who shrink back from calling any attention to themselves. People who are all about “appearances.” People who would rather blend into the background of their own lives rather than star in it.

Truth be told, I’m not nearly as flamboyant as I would like to be. I, too, am self-conscious at times and feel uncomfortable in my own skin. But more and more, I’m realizing that what others think of me is none of my business. I’m here on this planet to enjoy myself and to have fun!

However, since it made my companion uncomfortable to “make a public display of ourselves,” even when he knew we’d never see these people again, I did manage to cease and desist. But just barely.

So now it’s a full year later. A full year of personal growth and exploration for both of us. And I’m delighted to report that my relationship with this very special man has grown into something I give thanks for every day. And yes, today we dance at every wayside, music or no music.