They’re here! And they’re early! What I lovingly refer to as “The Annual Infiltration of October Spiders” have arrived en masse. I don’t know where the heck they hang out the rest of the year, but sure as shootin’ they show up every fall to decorate the peripheral of my house.

The funny thing is, it happens overnight. One day I’m outside frolicking in my yard (ok, taking a stroll around the house doing my version of “surveying the kingdom”) with nary a spider in sight. The next day I open the front door and walk face-first into the biggest, most convoluted web design anyone could ever imagine. AAAAaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh!

Wiping the webbing off my face, and ears, and shoulders, I wonder just where the spider is that built this… As in, “Is it in my hair??”…  Looking around, I discover that hordes of arachnids have descended upon, and between, every shrub in the neighborhood. Fifteen, 20, maybe 30 of them, all within standing and staring distance. And I stand and stare in awe.

What industrious little architects they are! Webs strung everywhere! And in plenty of time for Halloween!

So… just where do YOU suppose that spider is??