Wearing the various hats of CEO and GM and President and Head Writer and Main Editor of Sandridge Publications, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re all very anxiously awaiting delivery of our newest book, “Just Joshin’.”

Yes, I know, our Courier (that would also be me) dropped the manuscript off at the printer just a week ago, but it’s like living with a houseful of kids at Christmastime around here. (I’m a Gemini, I get away with outrageous statements like that.)

Gorham Printing promised delivery in 5-7 weeks, and there’s a big calendar on the office wall with big red “Xs” counting down the days, and a big red “O” circling November 12, the expected due date.

I will be getting the cover proofs and text galleys between now and then, which is a lot like looking at an ultrasound, I imagine… Meanwhile, I continue to pace and wonder if it is politically incorrect to pass out cigars these days…

Anticipation… What a rush!