Watching the Seahawks play the Packers last Sunday was painful. Not because Seattle lost, which was expected, but because the commentators forgot to mention there were actually TWO teams out there on Lambeau Field.

I bet if I had clocked the minutes spent talking about the Packers over the Seahawks, the score would have been about 10 to 1. They compared quarterbacks Favre and Rogers, they talked about the “quiet heroes” of the Packers line, they theorized about what the Giants losing would mean to Green Bay’s playoff bid, etc. etc., but they spent very little time acknowledging anyone at all on the Seattle team, except, of course, when Hasselbeck threw an occasional interception.

Now I suppose someone from Wisconsin might suggest that I’m all sour grapes over the outcome of the game, but I’m willing to eat my fair share of crow. Which isn’t much if “my fair share” is proportional to the broadcaster’s Seattle coverage.