Forget making New Year’s Resolutions! Today it’s time to take a thorough inventory of the past year and CELEBRATE all the goodness we encountered! Imagine writing a Christmas Newsletter to yourself and including every single wonderful and exciting thing that materialized in your life this year.

As for me, I’ve discovered that the more things I cross off my “bucket list,” the longer it gets. There are so many interesting, exciting and FUN places to explore and things to do, I can’t imagine ever lacking a destination or an upcoming event to plan out.

This year I saw three of my one-act plays produced (and directed one of them), visited nine different states, went for my first helicopter ride, walked the boardwalk in Atlantic City, got lost in a corn maze, and completed a book I’d been working on for 20 years! And that’s just a few of the highlights—my list of abundance goes on and on.

Today I invite you to review 2009 and create your own gratitude list. And as all of us who practice the Law of Attraction know, the more we express our gratitude, the more the universe gives us to be grateful for.

Just imagine what next year could bring!