It is highly unlikely that anyone reading this on the day it is first posted has messed up the New Year yet. Highly unlikely, but not impossible.

I am the exception.

Somehow, in my rush to put away the December 2009 blog articles, I created a January 2010 file but forgot to paste in my list of potential topics and roughed-out entries which were very near completion.

And although this makes today begin on a slightly sour note, I know the year doesn’t have to continue on the downhill slide. As human beings, we have an almost limitless ability to grab for our bootstraps and make the best of any situation.

In this case, it means I’ll be pushing the envelope, not to recreate what was lost, but to quickly create, on self-imposed ever-looming deadlines, something totally brand new.

Like the year 2010, the canvas, or in my case, the computer screen, is completely blank, which makes the potential for profundity absolutely mind-boggling!

So what will YOU create this year? It’s time to set some goals and get a-movin’!