I wonder how many people on US Airways flight 1549 last January 15th truly listened to the flight attendants’ instructions as they departed LaGuardia. I know I sat up and paid attention the next few flights I took!

And I’ve often wondered how that unscheduled landing in the Hudson River has affected the individual passengers and crew in the past year. Have they been afraid to fly. or do they enthusiastically continue to board planes, figuring that lightning won’t strike them twice, and they’ll never be involved in another air emergency?

It’s questions like these I’ve been pondering lately, so I went online to review the circumstances of that amazing landing.

And there I discovered that two of the flight 1549 passengers, Beth McHugh and Don Norton, have written a book about the experience. “Brace for Impact: Miracle on the Hudson Survivors Share Their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life,” written with co-author Kevin Quirk, is hitting the bookshelves.

The book, according to the promotional information, contains the stories of 25 passengers and first responders, detailing their experiences during and after the crash landing, in which all 155 on board survived. McHugh says that she has vowed to hug everyone she meets, and Norton has faced his fear of flying.

Ok, that answers a couple of my questions, but raises another… How come they didn’t ask ME to help them write it?

For more information, visit http://braceforimpact.hcibooks.com