According to my calculations, Scott must be somewhere around 43 today. When I met him, he was 10. He’s another of my former students who helped me learn what teaching was all about.

He also taught me what friendship is about. Over the years, Scott has tinseled my entire living room, put a rubber rat in the mousetrap in my bathroom, and inducted me into the Karaoke Hall of Shame.

Today he’s a Registered Nurse, is happily married, has a 14-month-old son, and continues to be involved in the theater arts. Last March, when I saw my first two plays produced, Scott was there to hand me congratulatory flowers.

In November, when “Just Joshin’, A Year in the Live of a Not-so-ordinary 4th grade kid,” was published, he kidded me about why I hadn’t written “Just Scottin’” instead. And I could have, except for the fact that I was much too new to the teaching gig back then to find time to write down the stories as they happened.

Life happens, friends come and go, but my former students will always be special. They’re always going to be “my kids” and I am grateful for the ones who stay in contact.

Best wishes, Scott, may you continue to be blessed in all you do!