According to an article in “Woman’s World Magazine” last week, a formula has been developed by scientists at Cardiff University to determine the most depressing day of the year. “Woman’s World” said it was January 25, and offered suggestions to cheer you.

So I did a little Internet research… And lo and behold, “Woman’s World” was only half right… what a surprise… The date projected for 2010 was actually January 18, as the formula targets the third Monday of January. So if y’all have been waiting till today to call in sick, you’re a week too late!

The concept of “the most depressing day” comes from the concept of “the perfect storm” of failing our new year’s resolutions, working through debts from the holiday season, post-holiday gloom with no holidays to look forward to, and the grim weather all allegedly joining forces to make us feel horrible. Combine that with “Monday” and there you have it… the formula for “Blue Monday.”

Well, folks, MY New Year’s resolutions are all still intact, I have NO debt from Christmas, I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day next month, and the weather is just what the weather always is in January on the Washington coast.

The only thing that depresses ME today is the fact that I’M not getting paid to sit around creating a “formula” so the general population knows when they should feel bluest… Good grief, what will they come up with next?