When I hear someone say “advance reservations” are recommended, it sets my teeth on edge. When ELSE would you make reservations?

And a “pair of twins” is another of the common bugaboos that scream to be corrected. Just say, “she had twins.” Twins means two, so technically, a pair of twins would total four children.

You can go to the ATM to get cash, but if you say “ATM machine” you have really said “Automatic Teller Machine machine.”

“I thought to myself…” Well, who else would you think to?

“The reason is because…” Nope. Either say “The reason is…” or say “Because…” but not both, as they mean the same thing and now you’ve said it twice. If you’re older than three years old you wouldn’t say “Because because” would you?

But I’m forced to award the local redundancy prize to the farmer who posted a hand-painted sign along the highway between Raymond and Tokeland, Washington: “For Sale: Female Mares.” I guess he doesn’t want to part with any of his male mares.

Yeah, I’m up on my editing soapbox once again. But if just one person learns something today, the climb was worth it!