I was reading an article in a magazine about a month ago that showed how to do some simple yoga exercises. At least the pictures and descriptions looked simple enough. And the article said that Jennifer Aniston did this very routine, and since I wouldn’t mind looking like Jennifer Aniston, I tore the page out.

So after moving the magazine page from headboard to nightstand to kitchen counter to dining table to rec room coffee table, a process that took several weeks, I decided it was time to try these yoga poses out.

The first one was the “mountain pose.” It looked like all I had to do was stand up straight and inhale deeply five times. On the fourth inhale I got extremely light-headed and quickly sat back down on the couch.

I decided not to rush into this. I’d probably do better by working up to “mountain pose” more slowly. I think it would be wise to begin something I’ll call “beach pose” by lying on the couch and practicing those big deep breaths. And then after my nap…