On Day 21 of this year, I encouraged you to keep going on your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions, and if you had already broken them, to immediately start again.

So here it is, 21 days later, and I’m wondering if you were successful in “staying the course” long enough to create positive, healthy habits. I sure hope so!

And I bet you’re wondering how I’ve done on mine, too.

Oh, come on! Do you really think I’d be brave enough to announce to the entire Internet World that I’d failed??? Not likely.

So, as you probably suspected, I’m delighted to report that I have kept my health and fitness resolutions for SIX SOLID WEEKS! Whooopeeee!

And while I’m not ready to announce that today I’m totally slim, trim and healthy, I AM ready to announce that I’m definitely slimmer, trimmer, and healthier.

Meanwhile, if you’ve fallen off your healthy horse, get back up there! Together we can do what we could never do alone. You’re part of my support group now, and I need us all to succeed!  (Don’t make me get out my pom-poms!)

Once I “went public” with my resolution, I felt a form of “accountability” to my readership. I didn’t want to let either of us down. And I still don’t. So watch for another update in a few weeks.