As a general rule, women appreciate Valentine’s Day, and men don’t. I think the reason men don’t appreciate it is because there’s no football game on TV that day.

I read the above paragraph to a male friend of mine. He didn’t laugh. I read it to several female friends and they laughed like crazy.

I could rest my case right there, but I have a little more to say on the subject. (What a surprise, huh?)

A while back I encountered young newlyweds walking the boardwalk. (I knew they were newlyweds because the only other car parked at the beach had “Just Married” written all over it.) I approached them and asked if they’d like me to take a picture of the two of them together.

While I lined them up with the dunes and ocean in the background, I asked if they knew the secret to a long and happy marriage. They smiled and shook their heads. “I’ll give you a hint… It’s three little words.

They both beamed.

“No, not THOSE three little words,” I quickly interjected. “It’s…always…hold… hands,” I told them. “It’s that simple.”

I left them still shaking their heads. Him more than her. But there’s a certain wisdom in what I said. Just try disagreeing with someone while you’re holding hands. It’s darn near impossible… Unless, of course, you’re trying to holding hands during a televised football game. Then all bets are off.