Through the miracle of technology, I received an email from a former student a couple weeks ago. She tracked me down through Google, of all things, and I’m delighted she did. The letter she wrote is one I shall cherish the rest of my life.

In her email she thanked me for the positive influence I had on her life, referenced specific lessons I taught (academic and otherwise), and told me my name will be among those who are acknowledged if she ever writes a book.

The fact that she tracked me down and took the time to write such a nice letter means more to me than I could ever explain. Teachers often wonder if they’ve made a difference to anybody out there. Just one email is enough to know that I have.

So today I invite you to acknowledge someone in your life who has helped you become the person you are today. Find them and just say thanks. The universal vibration will be raised a little when you do, and that in turn will inspire someone else to pay it forward. Let’s start a gratitude revolution!