My books are now available at Olde Towne Trading Post in Ilwaco, across from the museum. Luanne, bless her heart, volunteered to promote my writing without taking “the bookstore industry standard” of 40% of the cover price. Hallelujah! A businesswoman who understands the concept of back-scratching!

A self-publisher usually pays about 50% of the cover price to have the books printed. If a bookstore takes 40%, and 8% goes to sales tax, the writer ends up with a measly 2%. This is extremely unacceptable, and for that reason, my books, until now, have only been available directly through me, via my website. (See sidebar for order form! )

But Luanne, at Olde Towne Trading Post, knows that our “Author Readings” on the fourth Wednesday evening of the month are bringing many new customers to her store. Having her shop’s name on all the flyers, and in the newspaper advertising our events doesn’t hurt either. She knows that word-of-mouth positive publicity goes a long way in a small community.

And besides that, Luanne’s just a genuinely nice person.

So here’s one final plug for her coffee shop and antique store: You can get an assortment of goodies to go with your coffee, a nice variety of bagels and toppings, and she makes a great soup of the day, too. And, lest we forget, you can also get one of those books of mine while you’re there!

Tell her Jan sent you!