When my friend Birdie got her acceptance letter, she didn’t want to tell me. She knew I’d been sending romance stories into Woman’s World Magazine, one a month, for a very long time. She was afraid I’d be jealous, or maybe even angry.

But nothing could be further from the truth. I am DELIGHTED her story was accepted! I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction long enough to know there’s enough abundance in the universe for us all, and I celebrate her success! She’s paid her dues, so why not? Birdie has submitted over 35 stories. I have submitted 28. Either number could be a bit disheartening, but now we know for sure it can be done!

So this very week, at checkout newsstands all across America, you can see her name on the bottom of page 42 (the romance story is always on page 42). It’s issue number eleven, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the cover.

Far from being envious, I’m excited for her, and delighted that her check for the story arrived promptly! It’s terrific that someone I know made it into the magazine! The only thing left to say is, “MY TURN’S COMING!”