According to my current number one guru, Dr. Oz, one can “make an authorized YOU-turn” at any time. Yeah, I get that. In my belief system, I know that I can start my day over as soon as I realize I’m off on a tangent.

You don’t have to wait until Monday, the first of the month, or New Year’s Day to correct your course of action. Just grab your bootstraps and get on with it. At least that’s the plan. Finding one’s bootstraps, a.k.a. “flipping the switch,” isn’t always as easy as just saying you’re going to get back on track.

If I could bottle and sell motivation, inspiration and commitment, I’d be a very wealthy woman. But alas, I’ve never figured out just where all that good ju-ju comes from. Disappointment and discouragement are evil twins, ever seeking to derail our best-laid plans. Add to that the influence of others, and it’s definitely an uphill battle to be a healthy, whole, happy individual.

Sometimes I think I’ve made so many “YOU-turns” that I’ll die of dizziness. And yet, one more run at it couldn’t hurt. So I’m not losing weight as rapidly as I’d like. So I have no significant other to share my joys and sorrows with. So I haven’t sold the number of books I was hoping to market by this time.

Today I’m just gonna put one foot in front of the other and do what is before me to be done. Just gonna take baby steps in a positive direction. One day at a time.