No, not play money, as in monopoly money, I’m talking about disposable income that I can “go play” with. “The Plan” was to teach 30 years and retire, which I did. “The Plan” did not include my medical insurance DOUBLING the first three years I was out of the classroom.

But that’s exactly what happened. I went from paying $286 to $577 per month in just three years, and I carry a large deductible as well. While I had expected and anticipated increases, this is just too much! Particularly since I’m a pretty healthy person, overall, no “pre-existing conditions,” and take no prescription medications.

So what’s a gal to do? What’s ANYONE to do? Right now I’m living on $300 less per month than I budgeted when I planned my retirement. The money I allowed for “play” is now all eaten up every month by insurance. This distresses me. No, let’s get real… This totally pisses me off.

The obvious answer is “get a job,” but I HAVE a job. In fact, I am juggling five different potential means of income. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be paying very much at this time. And really, I’d rather be out playing, and having a good time before I’m too old to enjoy it (say, in another 30 years).

So… Anybody out there want to buy a book? The order forms are in the link in the right hand sidebar. Support your favorite fledgling author! Help me create more “play money” without having to do the 9-5 thing. I taught school for 30 years, now I deserve to play!