I kept half an eye on the Mariners while they were in Arizona during spring training last month. The names on the roster changed as regularly as the local stoplight. A constant parade of boys barely in their 20s vied for the nine defensive spots on the field.

But tomorrow they begin their first home stand of 2010. They’re playing Oakland, a team they played four times just last week. (Who created this schedule??) When the bottom of the first inning rolls around, right fielder Ichiro is batting in the number one position. That much is familiar. After that, it’s anybody’s ballgame.

As of now, it’s also anybody’s winning season. One hundred sixty-two chances to put a “W” in the win/loss column. In 2001, we had 116 Ws. It could happen again this season. Seriously. As it says on their official website “Believe Big!”

Just remember, you heard it here first: The Mariners to the World Series in 2010!