So what was the first thing that came to mind when you read the title? Did you immediately think of an SOS distress call or a basket of flowers left at your door?

The first weekend in May this year heralds the unique celebrations of Loyalty Day here on the Long Beach peninsula, Apple Blossoms in Wenatchee, Lilacs in Spokane, and of course, the Kentucky Derby in Louisville.

But I can’t help thinking about carefully crafting two large paper hearts, folding them, interwoven, to form a secure cone-shaped basket, stapling on a handle, and filling it with flowers to leave on a neighbor’s doorstep.

Remember this from your elementary days? Remember ringing the doorbell and running like crazy so you wouldn’t get caught leaving the flowers? Remember picking those flowers straight from the neighbor’s yard for your basket?

Yes, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today, and I’m wondering if anybody, anywhere is teaching the kids about May baskets anymore. I know I taught my students cultural traditions for the 30 years I was in the classroom, and I continue to hope the next generation carries the torch.

I’ll even let them pick the blossoms from my rhododendrons for their baskets.