RAIN is the annual “magazine” produced by Clatsop Community College. But it’s more than a magazine; it’s really a beautifully bound book of at least 150 pages. Each December a call for submissions is posted in the newspaper, and at the end of spring quarter, they host a gala opening.

Thursday, June 3, at 6 p.m., four members of my beloved Coastal Writers Critique (the CWC) will have an opportunity to read their accepted and now-published works at the reception on campus in Astoria. And yes, I’ll be reading both a story and a poem.

It’s nice to read one’s work in front of one’s peers. It’s even nicer to see our work in print in such a quality production. Nicer still is reading to a packed house filled with witnesses to our accomplishments, all gathered to help celebrate our success!

Congratulations go out to Bill Adamson, Patty Hardin, and Anne Nixon. Take a bow! You’re all published writers once again!