What makes you happy? I mean totally silly, goofy, giggly happy. The kind of happy when you’re suddenly tickled to your toes and you feel like going out dancing in the streets for the pure joy of it.

Happiness is often found in the ordinary things and simple day-to-day activities. It comes in the little surprises, serendipitous happenings, and odd “coincidences” like unexpected phone calls, letters, and emails when you had just been thinking of that person.

Joy also comes in the planning of a major event, such as a European holiday or a bar mitzvah. Occasionally the event turns out to be anti-climatic, compared to the fun of scheduling all the details to pull it off, but it’s still full of smiles and happy memories.

Recently I was scanning a website that had a chorus line of “dancing green bananas” across the bottom of the page. These smiling little cartoon characters were pumping their arms and boogying down, and I couldn’t help but smile back. I just sat there with a goofy grin on my face and immersed myself in the warm and fuzzy moment.

Maybe dancing green bananas aren’t your thing, but today I invite you to do something that gives you unbridled joy, just for the fun of it. Take LOL to heart and Laugh Out Loud! It’ll make you feel great, and your heart will thank you for it!