I admit it; I’m a live theater junkie. If there’s a play within 75 miles, you can be sure I’ll have a ticket in my hand before the end of the run. And Cannon Beach is a mere 50 miles from here!

The three summer repertory offerings at the Coaster Theatre this summer include “Rumors,’ by Neil Simon, “A Talent for Murder,” and “Clue: The Musical.” I haven’t seen the third play yet; that’s next Sunday’s adventure. Right now, I can’t imagine anyone singing, “It was Colonel Mustard, in the study, and he used the kitchen knife!” but we’ll see…

Theater magic comes not so much from the script, which of course must have a strong plot and some great lines, or from the actors, who occasionally cover for each others’ dropped cues, but from the energetic interaction of the audience with those onstage. And what better premise than a familiar board game come to life, lustily sung by a chorus of suspects?

I love attending the Coaster Theatre, no matter what’s on the playbill. It’s a charming community theater, with cushy seats, red velvet curtains, and an awesome lighting and sound system. And someday, someday soon, I plan to see a play of my own performed there!

As my Law of Attraction guru, Michael Losier, constantly admonishes, Dream Big!