JanBonoBooks.com is up and running! Another step in my quest to be a viable entity in the writing and publishing world has been achieved! And I’m sooooo excited!

Four years ago, when I retired from full-time teaching, I had no idea it was my destiny to have a website dedicated solely to marketing my paperback books, audio-books, play scripts and writing services. If anyone had suggested this was in my future, I might have busted a gut laughing. But today it’s true.

With a little—no, make that a LOT—of help from my friends, today I’m able to sell my work online through the use of PayPal and other magical programs. Don’t ask me how it works, it just does.

All I have to do now is process the orders that come rolling in. And write a few more books. And scripts. And record more of my work on CDs. And…

And I’m truly blessed to be marketing on the Internet prior to the holiday season. Please check out my site and tell me what you think! Visit:   JanBonoBooks.com