Drum roll, please!

I recently finished writing the first draft of a trilogy of one-act Christmas plays, and I’m hoping to see them performed here on the peninsula early in December, 2011.

I got the idea for this series over a year ago when it was brought to my attention that “the holidays” are such a busy time that few people want to spend 4 or 5 nights a week for over a month rehearsing for a Christmas show.

From my involvement with several one-act festivals, I knew that rehearsing for a one-act takes only a couple hours one night a week. So I began to wonder if a festive grouping of one-acts could fill the seasonal bill instead of producing one full-length play.

It was only a hop, skip, and a jump from there to deciding that any such grouping of plays should, could, and most certainly would, have the same set, allowing for just a few simple prop changes. Digging into my rich history of Christmas stories, I then selected three events to script for an entertaining production.

And now all they need is a little polishing up. My “Trilogy of Christmas One-Acts” will include “A Kitten for Christmas,” “The Ultimatum,” and “Walnut Garland and Airplane Parts.” Plan to attend the show right around this time next year!