Oh, how I wanted to be a fly on the wall at the holiday gathering of the Imperial, Nebraska, Lions Club on December 8. Because on that very special night, the Imperial, Nebraska, Lions Club performed a very special dinner theater mystery play entitled “Who Done Darwin In?”

And YES, you guessed it, I wrote that play!

My very first online sale of my very first dinner theater mystery show happened a few weeks ago, and I’ve been holding my breath, waiting anxiously to hear all about the performance. Happily, it got rave reviews from the 30 couples in attendance.

My new best friend Ted sent me a glowing review of the show, told me how much fun the actors had performing, and even included a PowerPoint presentation chronicling the evening! What a trip!

So thank you, Imperial Lions, for helping me step up a rung on the playwright ladder. Although “Darwin” is the fifth play I’ve written, it’s the first one for which I’ve received compensation. Yep, I’ve crossed the line from amateur to paid professional playwright!

Broadway, here I come!