Idiots. In general, most men are idiots when it comes to relationships.

Case in point, let’s examine the ending to the movie Casablanca. Representing what I think is the typical woman’s viewpoint, I’m outraged, frustrated, discouraged, and downright depressed that love did not ultimately win out. In other words, I really want the last scene at the airport to turn out differently.

How gut wrenching it is to watch the plane lift off, tearing the lovers apart, knowing there will be no happy-ending sequel. I still find myself screaming things at the television set. Things like, “Don’t let her get away! Tell her how you feel! Go after her! Follow your heart! Stop being such a big ninny!” Stuff like that.

Yet the plane still leaves the airport, and I’m still surrounded by soggy tissues. But men don’t do that. Men say, “It’s only a movie,” and they mean it, the idiots.

Tomorrow I think I’ll watch the Wizard of Oz. At the end of that tale, at least I know the guys will all have brains, backbones and hearts, and nobody’s left wondering what might have been…