To say it’s been a bumpy year for me would be like saying the Titanic hit a minor winter weather disturbance. All in all, I guess the incredible highs have balanced the devastating lows, but I’d sure have preferred to skip those lows.

My writing career is gaining momentum, and I had my first year “in the black.” I sold nearly a dozen stories to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, and had a dinner theater mystery play performed in Imperial, Nebraska! I have a website for selling my books and plays (see link in sidebar), and even very tentatively learned to use PayPal.

Last January, I instigated a monthly “Authors’ Reading” gathering at Olde Towne Trading Post, and it’s still going strong. My beloved Coastal Writers’ Critique group is entering its fifth year, and I’m writing more regularly as a result. I have goals for publishing a second volume of “Through My Looking Glass” this year, and I’m going to get back to actively submitting more work to national magazines.

On the downside… well, I could talk about myriad of physical and emotional challenges this year, but let’s just leave those problems and disappointments right here in 2010. A new year’s beginning, and I’ve got big plans ahead!