Each of us is uniquely gifted. Some lean toward the artistic right brain, and others lean toward the analytic left brain, but we were all born with special talents and skills just waiting to be utilized to the fullest.

I have always felt it was our personal responsibility to use and share those God-given gifts, but sometimes… Well, sometimes I wonder if those special abilities are more of a curse than a blessing. And sometimes I’m sure it’s a double-edged sword and they’re both, so I thought I’d invent a new word for such a conundrum.

By combining the first part of curse with the last part of blessing, I came up with “cursing.” That didn’t sound quite right, so I reversed the base words and got “blurse.” Blurse sounded better, and I thought most people could figure out the definition without too much trouble.

As an afterthought, I checked my dictionary. Blurse was not there. So far, so good. However, deciding to leave no stone unturned, I looked my new word up online.

OMG! Blurse was, indeed, a word in the Urban Dictionary, and OMG! again, it meant exactly what I had created it to mean! Except, of course, for the fact that I didn’t actually get to create it. Phooey!

So today I consider it a blurse that I spent so much time inventing a word that had already been invented. I won’t be going down in the etymological history books for this one, but at least I got a pretty decent blog entry out of the experience!