Way back in 1805, when Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery first wintered at Fort Clatsop, they complained about the amount of rain that fell in the Pacific Northwest. And people been complaining about it ever since.

Funny thing is, people keep moving here, and people keep living here, and still they find it necessary to continually whine and carry on as if those glorious raindrops weren’t the very reason everything is so GREEN here.

Hey, if you don’t like our weather, you certainly have my permission to LEAVE.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that when we whine and complain we are setting a negative vibration. And negative vibrations attract more of the same. When you set a depressing tone for your day, don’t be surprised if other things don’t go your way. But please refrain from sharing your negativity with ME!

Two miles up, the sun is always shining. The rain is good for the ducks. All of us were born drip-dry. There will be no water shortage here this summer. If it weren’t for rain, we’d have no rainbows. My lawn has never needed watering. The list goes on…

So if you find yourself tempted to dis the weather, refrain! Focus instead on something positive and we’ll all have a better day. At least I know I will!