It’s Holy Week for Christians, and that, of course, gives the rest of the world a reason to demonstrate their bigotry, intolerance, and downright stupidity.

And in this age of what I call “political correctness gone awry,” even Christians are prone to do some pretty dumb things, under the guise of not “offending” anyone.

Case in point: In a certain Seattle school, employees were instructed to refer to “Easter Eggs” as “Spring Spheres.” I kid you not! You can google this yourself, but I’d recommend having a second cup of coffee before doing so.

Now back in my own public school teaching days, I understood, and accepted, when the vernacular changed from “Christmas Vacation” to “Winter Break.” And I diligently made sure our… uh… elementary Winter Music Program contained more songs about Frosty and Rudolph than it did about the baby in the manger.

But Spring Spheres? Seriously?

Aren’t we supposed to be teaching our children to embrace cultural diversity? Shouldn’t we regard all religious traditions as another way to practice unconditional love and tolerance? Needless to say, I’m flabbergasted.

And I’m really, really, glad I’m not in the classroom today trying to tiptoe around such a blatant administrative gaffe. I was never very good at tiptoeing.

So if you’re taking your kids on a Spring Sphere Hunt this weekend, I hope you have plenty of blue sky and sunshine wherever you are, and that you’ll find enough colored orbs to enjoy sphere salad sandwiches all week long.

Happy EASTER, everyone!