There’s a lot I don’t share here online. I generally want my blog entries to be upbeat and positive, focusing on what’s right instead of what’s not going so well.

The amount of negativity people post on Facebook continually amazes me, and I’ve “hidden” more people’s posts than I allow to appear in my daily news feed. And, conversely, since I don’t ever want to be guilty myself of pulling anyone’s vibration down, I try to “reframe” events before sharing them, online or otherwise.

“What we put our energy, attention and focus on grows larger,” says my Law of Attraction guru Michael Losier, and I believe that with all my heart.

So I limit the amount of time I publically dwell on the dark side. Personal journals are the place for such outpourings, and then I try to write them out and let them go. I know some things are easier said than done—it’s been almost a month since I buried my beloved cat, and I’m still deeply grieving. But I choose to focus on what’s right in my public writing instead of wallowing incessantly online.

So when you want to whine or cry, complain or pout, I suggest you try journal writing. It’s a much better place than Facebook to work through daily emotional baggage. And believe me when I say, your “friends” will thank you for it!