Right up front, let me once again affirm that I’m a Seattle Mariner’s fan, through and through, from the crown of my head to the tips of my toes. However…

Once upon a time, let’s call it 1969, and for one year only, the Pilots were Seattle’s major league baseball team. They were acquired in bankruptcy court by the current Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and moved to Milwaukee. Still part of the American League from their creation as an expansion club in 1969 through the 1997 season, the Brewers then moved to the National League Central Division.

But I’ve been keeping an eye on them all these many years. I call them my National League team. What the heck, a cap with an “M” emblazed on it could stand for either the Mariners or Milwaukee, right? And both of them play in gorgeous retractable-roof stadiums. I do prefer Safeco Field’s garlic fries to Miller Park’s cheese fries, but I’ll not turn my nose up at either offering.

The Milwaukie Brewers have gone to the World Series just once—in 1982. The Mariners have not yet made it to the final round. Note that I say “yet” with strong conviction and unflappable hope.

Both my teams had abysmal starts this season, trailing their divisions, holding the bottom spot of their respective leagues by so many games it hurt. I mean physically hurt!

For over a month, I had no team to turn to. But then… Then they rallied, both Seattle and Milwaukee! And now, by golly, it looks like we’ve got us a couple ball teams after all. In fact, both are now positioned in fine position to take their divisions!

So I’m crossing my fingers that one of them, or maybe even both of them, will make it to the World Series in October. And wouldn’t it be something if they played each other?!

Go teams!