I finished the first draft of my first novel a couple weeks ago. Yep, I f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d the first draft. But it’s not “done” yet, it’s just waiting for me to get up a second head of steam. It’s been lying in wait while I give it a rest and work on other projects.

Walking away gives time to gain perspective. And it’s been hard not to jump right back into the fray to begin the revision process. But I’ve stuck to my guns and not opened the document file, not even once, since I wrote “The End” on the bottom of the last page.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading books and magazines about revising, and I’ve kept a list of things I want to insert, emphasize or double-check as I go back through my manuscript. My brain wheels are still turning, and I’m anxious to begin this next phase…

The day after tomorrow!