Conflict. The mere mention of the word sends most people running for cover. Few relish the necessity of having to stick up for themselves in difficult times. But boundaries must be set, or resentments fester.

And not too many people enjoy a festering resentment.

So after you’re through stomping around the house, fuming and fussing and cussing and complaining and chomping on the bit, so to speak, you might want to stop and ask yourself, “What’s my part in all of this?

Seriously. It takes two to tango, and there has to be something, even a very minute something, that you did or said that contributed to the conflict.

A while back, I found myself in a situation that I was 100% sure I was in no way to blame for what had transpired. The guy was a total jerk! It was all his fault! I ranted and raved for several hours, then called a friend to vent some more to a sympathetic ear.

My friend listened attentively, then suggested I buy “the jerk” some flowers. Say what?

But after further consideration, I did just that. And then I boldly walked into “the jerk’s” office, bouquet extended arm’s length in front of me, explaining that the florist had been all out of olive branches.

Thankfully, the situation was diffused, and today “the jerk” and I have a fairly decent working relationship.

So unless you’re one of the few who relish stomach ailments and sleepless nights while you wallow in resentment, buck up and get your alleged nemesis some posies. Own up to your part in the conflict. Then write and tell me how well it all turned out.