Next Monday evening, I’ll begin teaching a 5-week “One-Act Playwriting Class.” I’m excited because so many aspiring playwrights are gathering to learn more about getting their story ideas to script and stage.

I don’t know about you, but with the onset of September, I always get the urge to return to the classroom, to learn something new, to stretch my brain just a little more in a fun and exciting direction. “Back to School” isn’t just for kids. As long as we keep learning, and growing, those little synapses in our brains continue to light up with joy.

So what have you always wanted to tackle, but for whatever reason, haven’t made the time to try it out? I’ll bet dollars to donuts there are a few things left on your bucket list that you long to learn. From skydiving to snorkeling, horseback riding to writing your first play, the possibilities are limitless.

Today, if you’re inspired to start chasing that dream of yours, and you’re really wishing that you’d taken the plunge and signed up for my class, well, click on my website or call me right away and I’ll find a spot of you. Just pick up the phone, or give the mouse a good click!