I consider myself a person of action—give me something specific to do, and I’ll get right on it. I’m not one to procrastinate when I have an assigned task. I know that if I put it off, other things will distract me and it’s likely I won’t remember to go back and do it unless I’ve prominently circled it on my to-do list.

So when I ask other people to help out with something, I like to see it done pronto.

Last week I was out soliciting ads for a nonprofit near and dear to my heart. I asked 20 businesses for their support. I dropped off the information sheets on Monday, and asked if I should return on Wednesday or Friday for their reply.

The trouble apparently started when I expected that a person could give me a simple yea or nay right away. I mean seriously, how long does it take to decide if you’re going to contribute to the cause? If the answer’s yes, great! If the answer’s no, I don’t take it personally, and go on about my way.

But having to make a return calls to their businesses, three, four, or even five times, and then only to be turned down in the end—that’s a bit disconcerting. Wasted my time and my gas, when I would have readily accepted their decision on the first return. As it was, it took an entire week to get responses from 20 businesses. Holy crap!

So I’m venting. People! Please respect the volunteer efforts of others. Just make a decision and move on! It’s really not that tough. As a dear friend is fond of saying, “Just shit or get off the pot!” Don’t make me twiddle my thumbs while you hem and ha. Just decide, already!

And I am very grateful for those who did just that. Thank you! Thank you! Not only for your support, but for your consideration of my time. Big hugs to you!