I don’t have to resort to Internet sites to know what happened 40 years ago today. On June 6, 1972, I walked across the Meadowdale High School stage in Lynnwood, Washington, and received my diploma. Forty freakin’ years ago!

So naturally, some of the “In Crowd” are planning a reunion. I’ve been following their Facebook page on and off for months, and quite honestly, all they seem to want to do is walk down Ancient Memory Lane. Personally, I’d prefer to focus on who we are today, not who we were then.

Of the 100 or so “class members and friends” out of a potential 360 or better, I don’t remember hanging out with any of those posting. Either the people I considered my friends aren’t on Facebook, or they are also not interested in dwelling on the past.

This is so weird. Forty years later and my former classmates are still as cliquish and segregated as ever, and I don’t seem to have anything more than a graduation date in common with them.

I suppose it’s just as well, as I’m having another one-act play hit the boards the weekend of the reunion (Hooray!), so I can honestly tell them I have other plans, infinitely more meaningful to my life today.