I know a lot of people who spend a great deal of their time just going through the motions. “Same old, same old,” they tell me when I asked what’s new with them.

A younger woman friend on facebook recently wrote me, “My life is so boring. I just go to work, come home, do some housework, watch some TV, sleep, then get up and go back to work again.”

I felt sad as I read her words. She really believes that’s all there is, and because she believes it, that’s all she’s likely to get.

“We create our own reality” is one of the principles of the Law of Attraction. Dream big, and some form of your dreams will come true. Dream small, and it’s a waste of a life.

“The Little Engine Who Could,” an alleged children’s story dating back to 1906, should be required reading in high school. That simple book puts forth giant helpings of the positive energy required to live large.

Set goals, believe you can achieve them, and keep moving forward. Be the train, not the track, Jack.