I lost track of the dates this week and thought Presidents’ Day was the 21st. Hence, my last blog post came out just a few hours ago. Guess I’m not perfect! Who knew?

And who knew I’d become so knowledgeable on the hours, services, locations, and variables at the VA Hospital the past 10 days? Certainly not me. I had February completely mapped out, and spending time in Portland was not anywhere on my calendar.

So I’ve lost almost two weeks and my writing is hopelessly behind schedule. Good thing I work for myself, huh?

But the time lost was not without gain. I have gained a better perspective on the goings on in a large hospital setting, did I’d bet dollars to donuts that knowledge will show up in my writing sooner or later.

Besides time, during the hours I’ve spent sitting bedside, playing Scrabble or watching NCIS marathons or Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy or some other TV show, I’m also pretty sure I’ve lost my mind.

If you happen to find it, please send it home.