A two-wheeled riding machine, called a velocipede (“fast foot”), or boneshaker (referring to the jarring ride over cobblestones), first became popular in the United States well over a century ago, and that popularity is having a phenomenal resurgence.

Whether the reason is fitness, environmental consciousness, or just plain fun, bike sales have soared, and I’m about to jump right on that bandwagon. Of course, the first thing I’ll need is a very large, very cushy, seat.

It’s been awhile since I’ve owned a bicycle. I’ve had four or five motorcycles in my adulthood, but not since college have I had a bike that’s pedal-powered.

I had some concerns about my knees being able to bend far enough, what with my arthritis and all, but a neighbor let me try her bike out, and I managed just fine. I’ll have to get a rack for my car, too. The Discovery Trail is a great place to ride, but I’ll need some way to get it there.

At long last, it’s almost time to “graduate” from the recumbent bike in my rec room to the great outdoors! Look out world, here I come!