Lele (pronounced “lay-lay”) is the ancient name for Lahaina. Yet the exquisite sunset-timed feast/luau, including both food and entertainment, quickly became one of my present-day favorites.

For starters, it’s held right on the beach; the first performers arrived via canoe, and all groups executed their dances with the Pacific Ocean as their backdrop.

Secondly, there’s no buffet line to stand in; costumed waiters keep your glasses full as they serve, and explain, each separate course to your individual table set with china and linen. The courses themselves, six if you count hors d’oeuvres and dessert (which I do!), are authentic complements to each of the Polynesian dance presentations.

Here’s the menu, accompanied by pictures—if we remembered to take one before diving into each delightful food:

Hors d’oeuvres

Banana & Sweet Potato Chips served w/a Tropical Ginger & Ogo Seaweed Salsa


First course from Hawaii:

Imu Roasted Kalua Pig Pork seasoned w/Hawaiian salt, cooked in an underground oven, shredded & served on steamed cabbage.

Pohole Fern Shoots & Heart of Palm Salad tossed in a light vinaigrette dressing.

Fresh Island Fish w/mango sauce and fruit salad.


Second Course from Aotearoa (New Zealand):

Duck Salad shredded duck on kula greens, bean sprouts & carrots w/ poha berry dressing.

Kuku Patties Maori fishcake w/fresh fish, shrimp & scallops, served on a honey corn relish.

Harore Kumara Roasted mushrooms, sweet potato & onion, sautéed in soy and garlic.

Third course from Tahiti:

Fafa Chicken wrapped in taro leaf, steamed in coconut milk, lemongrass & ginger.

E-iaota (Poisson Cru) Raw fish marinated in Lime Juice & coconut milk w/tomatoes, carrots, onions, cucumber & cilantro.

Scallops on the shell Baked scallops 2/sweet potato & spinach in a lobster cream sauce topped 2/bread crumbs.


Fourth Course from Samoa:

Supasui Grilled Flank Steak marinated in soy, ginger, guava glaze.

Palusami Breadfruit and squash cooked in young taro leaf and coconut cream.

Shrimp, avocado & fresh fruit tossed in a lilikoi dressing.



Carmel Macadamia Nut Tart Topped w/Haupia (coconut pudding).

Hawaiian Chocolate Truffles

Fresh Exotic Tropical Fruits


The free-flowing beverage list was unlimited, and yes, they were quite willing to make a “Lava Flow,” or anything else, without the alcohol. Stuffed, and well-entertained, this feast/luau on the beach was well worth our money!


Aloha! Stay tuned!