16070P_Party_60th_Birthday_HolographicOprah did it in January. John Travolta did it in February. And today the spotlight falls directly on the shiny top of Ron Howard’s ever-thinning hairline.

That’s right, today little Opie on the Andy Griffith show—actor, move director, and all around nice guy—joins the other two in turning the big 6-0.

But Opie was not Howard’s television debut. Before that he appeared in six episodes of Dennis the Menace as Dennis’s friend Stewart. (Betcha didn’t know that, now did you?!)

I’ve got a particularly soft spot for all three of these celebrities. In three very different and amazing ways, each has contributed enormously to what we lovingly refer to as twenty-first century American Culture.

Just stop to think about each of them for a minute or two. Oprah’s philanthropy, Travolta’s filmography, Howard’s body of work from both sides the camera. What a group! And to think— I, too, am right there among them.

Yep, 1954 was a very good year. And so is this one.