According to my very reliable sources (if it’s on the Internet or printed in the AARP Bulletin, then it must be true), Jeopardy came on the air 50 years ago this month. You couldn’t prove it by me, but apparently 1964 debuted a lot more than the Ford Mustang.

Here’s a mini-quiz to test your TV Trivia from a half-century ago. See how many of these television shows you can name from only a brief description.

1) The adventures of two Florida boys and their pet bottlenose dolphin.

2) A housewife solved her problems with a twitch of her nose.

3) A naïve Marine from Mayberry was often in trouble with his CO.

4) Based on a 1956 novel, this was the first prime-time soap opera.

5) They used charm and high-tech gadgets to battle the evil Thrush.

6) This macabre sitcom included Wednesday, Lurch, Thing, and Cousin It.

7) Their ship, the SS Minnow, originally set sail for a three-hour tour.

8) BONUS QUESTION: Name the actor from #5 who currently stars on a Tuesday night CBS drama.

Do I really have to give you the answers? Seriously? Well then, you must not be my age—or you didn’t grow up with your nose plastered to the boob tube—like I did!

1) Flipper; 2) Bewitched; 3) Gomer Pyle; 4) Peyton Place; 5) The Man from U.N.C.L.E.; 6) The Addams Family; 7) Gilligan’s Island; 8) BONUS: David McCallum plays the Medical Examiner, Dr. Mallard (Ducky) on NCIS.