handAs loyal readers are well-aware, I have two chipmunk-colored cats: Alvin and Simon. Those same loyal readers have also been insistently “suggesting” that I needed to adopt a third cat, to be called Theodore, to complete the family.

And I have just as insistently “suggested” that after bringing Simon, The Little Terrorist, into my home, there would never be room for another cat. Now before anyone goes and gets too excited, nothing in that previous sentence has changed.sprawled
HOWEVER, I’m quite sure I never said there wouldn’t be another chipmunk-colored cat living exclusively at Rick’s house!

Rick Theo“Theo.” pictured here, was born in Hillsboro on April 30, along with five brothers and/or sisters. We don’t know yet if Theo is a girl or boy, but either way, The Chipmunks are no longer one person short of a full complement of squeaky voices!

Theo’s a little camera-shy, and a lot squirmy, so these pictures are the best that could be done at the time.

Stay tuned for updates—both in photos and impossibly cute kitten stories—as he/she grows up!